Top NJPW Star Wants Match Against The Rock

While Kazuchika Okada may already be locked in for the main event of next year's Wrestle Kingdom 17, the Japanese star is softly calling out another dream match he'd like to make happen.

Okada, who will challenge IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White at January 4's Wrestle Kingdom event, appeared in front of the media at Monday's Tokyo premiere of "Black Adam," which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The six-time IWGP World Champion is featured in the Japanese dub of the film as a voice actor, and he made an appearance at the premiere alongside the film's main voice actors. At one point during the appearance, Okada reportedly turned to a cardboard cutout of Johnson's "Black Adam" character and remarked that it looked so lifelike that it could be in a wrestling match itself.

"I think we can have a match," Okada said, according to a translation of his remarks on NJPW's website.

When Okada was asked if he'd be interested in a pro wrestling match with The Rock, the NJPW star made his dreams clear.

"Well, as a fellow pro wrestler, I'd like to have a match with him."

Okada joked that he may be able to beat the cardboard version of Johnson and that as for his "BlackĀ Adam" character, "maybe no one can beat him."

However unlikely a matchup, Okada vs. The Rock would be a dream booking for most fans. Johnson is a ten-time world champion and one of the biggest celebrities in American pop culture, while Okada is one of the top-drawing stars in the world. His match against White for the title at Wrestle Kingdom will be Okada's eighth time headlining NJPW's biggest show of the year.