JBL Says WWE Star Asked Him Intelligent Questions Backstage

WWE Hall of Famer John "Bradshaw" Layfield recently had a sitdown with Booker T and Rey Mysterio for a special "SmackDown Legends" episode of "Table For 3." During the episode, Booker T asked JBL and Mysterio if any of the younger talent today had approached them to ask for some tips on how to elevate their performances, and JBL revealed one star who asked him for advice.


"I know Baron Corbin came up to me one day and asked me really intelligent questions," JBL said. "It was about working with [Mysterio]. He said, 'How do you work with a guy that is a lot smaller than you, as far as psychology-wise,' and the questions he was asking wasn't just, 'How do you get over? What do you think about this T-shirt?' It was pretty cool the questions he was asking."

JBL currently serves as Corbin's manager on the "WWE Raw" brand, having recently returned to WWE programming in that role. Over the past few weeks, JBL has personally introduced Corbin, calling him "The Modern Day Wrestling God" — an allusion to JBL's own nickname as a wrestler — before sitting in at commentary for his protégé's matches. Prior to aligning with the Hall of Famer, Corbin was on a losing streak that started with his SummerSlam loss to Pat McAfee, but JBL took him under his wing, Corbin has gone unbeaten on WWE TV.. Time will tell how long the pairing will last, but for now, JBL has found himself back as a regular for one of WWE's main shows, possibly thanks to a few intelligent questions.


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit WWE's "Table For 3," with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.