Update On JBL's New Role In WWE

JBL referred to Baron Corbin as "The Modern Day Wrestling God" as he introduced his newest client on this week's "WWE Raw" in Oklahoma City.

In typical heel JBL fashion, the WWE Hall of Famer ripped on the fans, mocked, "that deadbeat dad" Rey Mysterio, accused Dolph Ziggler of "stealing money from WWE for 15 years," and even took several shots at the current WWE locker room during his return promo

JBL initially explained that Mysterio being switched to the "SmackDown" brand had facilitated, "the greatest trade since The Bambino came to the Bronx" as he confirmed that Corbin had officially joined the "Raw" roster.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to get on your sweat hog feet, put your chubby, redneck hands together, and introduce the greatest addition to Monday Night Raw in its history – Mr. Baron Corbin," JBL said while introducing Corbin as his new client.

Corbin stepped out to the same "Happy Corbin" theme song he had used over the past year or so. However, he was sporting a different outfit, and also received new pyro during his entrance. He went on to defeat Ziggler with the End of Days, as JBL continued to praise his new client from the commentary booth.

The JBL – Corbin pairing was first teased on the September 2 episode of "WWE SmackDown," where a white limousine with JBL's signature horns pulled up next to Corbin in the backstage area. Once the windows rolled down, a familiar voice could be heard saying, "What happened to you?" followed by "Get in." Corbin had not been seen on WWE TV since he drove away in JBL's limo last month. It had been reported that JBL was expected to be at the next few tapings of "Raw," which seemed to indicate that he was about to introduce a repackaged Corbin as his client.

Corbin's win over Ziggler Monday also snapped his four-month losing streak dating back to early July. The veteran Superstar had lost 15 matches in a row – including at live events – prior to his alliance with JBL.