Renee Paquette Would Love To Do Talk Show With Fellow AEW Personality

Renee Paquette believes that she and a fellow AEW personality could host a talk show together. Paquette has only been with AEW for a month, but her immediate presence on AEW programming has fans already asking when she will start working with other AEW talent for a talk show.


Paquette was asked on the "AEW Unrestricted" podcast about a potential pairing with AEW personality RJ City, who hosts the "Hey!(EW)" show. Paquette discussed whether or not a talk show with him would appeal to her.

"Yes, period, yes," Paquette said. "One hundred percent, we would love to do that. It's funny because my relationship with RJ, I feel like, I mean, we're obviously both from Toronto and have like many mutual friends and whatnot, but I feel like him and I anytime we're around each other, it's just kind of like, 'We should do something together. We should be working together. We should find something to do.'"

Paquette also revealed a scheduling issue could be a roadblock to making the show happen, as Paquette's tenure in AEW is only just beginning.


"So, I've been in AEW for approximately 30 seconds," Paquette said. "So, once I think like I get more settled, and he's only around once a month for pay-per-views, right? But no, I love the idea of doing something with him. I think he just cracks me up. I find him super entertaining. So, hopefully at some point him and I get to do something together."

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