CJ Perry Describes What It Was Like To Work With Bruce Willis

CJ Perry has steadily maintained an on-screen presence throughout her professional career. From her time in WWE as Lana to her ventures in reality television, Perry has become quite accustomed to the camera, and in one instance, she even shared the screen with legendary actor Bruce Willis.


In 2021, Perry starred as sniper Sol Cantos in "Cosmic Sin." In that film, she teamed with Willis — in the role of James Ford — and a group of soldiers in an attempt to thwart an aggressive alien fleet before a potential war broke out. In a recent appearance on Reality of Wrestling's "The Collection," Perry described what that experience working on set with Willis was like.

"That was a blast," she said. "Working with any legends like Bruce Willis or 'The Rock' [or] John Cena –- I'm so extremely grateful for these opportunities." Willis, who announced his retirement from acting earlier this year, extended great kindness to Perry while in production, and upon seeing the seasoned veteran work, Perry recalled her initial awe. "Seeing him act, you just immediately are like, 'Oh, that's why you're a movie star.'"


In addition, Perry explained that Willis' acting "charisma" was a little bit different than some other well-known actors. "It's interesting to compare him to, let's say, 'The Rock' or John Cena, where their charisma would come out on the microphone and be louder or project more," she said. In Willis' case, he was more "soft spoken, but still there," Perry described. "It was just like, 'Whoa, you're still so captivating even though you're whispering.'"