Ken Shamrock Reveals Controversial WWE Pitches He Rejected

Former WWE star and MMA legend Ken Shamrock reflected on two storylines that he turned down. For many, Shamrock fit in perfectly with the Attitude Era. WWE was going for a more mature audience with risqué storylines and violence. Shamrock entered the world of sports entertainment after he had been a UFC Superfight Champion.


While Shamrock had the violence down to a tee, he did not want to partake in angles that he felt would make his family uncomfortable. Shamrock appeared on Steve Fall's "Ten Count" podcast, and he revealed that he turned down a match with one WWE Hall of Famer.

"At that time after the thing that happened with Bret [Hart], they had some other things they wanted me to do, like wrestling with Chyna," Shamrock revealed. "My kids were five, seven, and nine, or something like that at the time. I had always told them, 'You don't hit girls.' They were going to school and the kids believed that wrestling was real, and so then they wanted me to go in there and fight Chyna, and I was like, 'I can't do that.'"


Shamrock also said that he turned down an infamous pitch that he claims he would've taken if it wasn't for his family and the reputation he built.

"Then there was another thing," Shamrock said. "They wanted me to do this incest angle with Alicia [Webb], who played my sister. If I wasn't married and had kids and all this stuff, I would've done it, but just not for me. I was already in the mainstream, I had already built my name, I was already down the road, I already had a family, and that just wasn't for me."

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