Madusa Recalls What It Was Like To Work With Paul Heyman

WWE Hall of Famer Madusa recently reflected on her time working with Paul Heyman. During Madusa's first run with WCW in 1991, she aligned with Heyman, then known as Paul E. Dangerously, in The Dangerous Alliance faction. Eventually, Heyman kicked Madusa out of the group and they ended up facing each other in a singles match at Clash of the Champions XXI in 1992.


Appearing on "The A2theK Wrestling Show," Madusa discussed how important Heyman was to her career.

"Memories? Hell, I wouldn't be sitting here with you today if it wasn't for Paul Heyman," Madusa said. "He really gave me the opportunity and pushed for the women if you noticed, and he always had me involved. He tried to build that angle between Missy [Hyatt] and I, and I mean, it kept us alive, it kept us relevant, it kept us important. Even though I always tried to build like a women's wrestling organization, it always kept failing, and it wasn't on my part because it was a team effort. You're only as good as your team."

Madusa also said that management at WCW was a "circle-jerking, freaking table of men" who wrote stories that weren't made for women. She said Heyman was an important part of trying to make women's wrestling relevant.


"The only one who gave two hoots or sh*ts was Paul, that got us involved," Madusa said. "Of course, I mean gosh, thank God because who knows where I'd be."

Madusa also put over Heyman for making her look good on TV by bumping for her so often. She also gave Heyman props for being a showman.

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