Insight Into Saraya's Publishing Future

Saraya has been through many stages of her life, from wrestling for her father's show to being signed by WWE and becoming a world champion to her struggles with addiction and now her run with AEW, and now it seems that Saraya is considering telling her story.


The former WWE Divas Champion discussed future publishing plans during an appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet."

"I don't know the extent of which I'm gonna go with the book timeline-wise," Saraya said. "I'm like, 'Do I tell up until this point? Do I make it like a few different books because I've lived so many lives and every story needs its own personal book?' I'm like, 'Or, do I just go all out and do this one book?'"

Saraya was able to find a support system, not only through her family but also during her time with WWE. She listed off some big names who she feels wouldn't hesitate to help her in her publishing endeavors.

"I'm lucky enough to have that opportunity where I could go to Dwayne [Johnson], or I could just go to the Bellas or AJ Lee or just people that were influential in my life," Saraya said.


Saraya went on to say that a book can take one or two years to complete but promises this won't be a rushed product, as she wants to include the dark side of her story growing up, as well as her battles with drugs and alcohol.

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