Charlie Haas On Potential World's Greatest Tag Team WWE Reunion

Introduced by Paul Heyman as Kurt Angle's "contingency plan" for Brock Lesnar, Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin debuted as members of Team Angle on the December 26, 2002, episode of "WWE SmackDown." Six weeks later, they won their first of two WWE Tag Team Championships. Last seen in WWE in 2010, Haas revealed on the "Ten Count" podcast he is open to a return to team with Benjamin.

"I would do it in a second if the storyline was right; if it was going to honor World's Greatest Tag Team; if it was going to put us in the right place to catapult us to maybe getting into Hall of Fame status, then I definitely would," said Haas. "But if its going to hurt us in anyway and hurt what we have worked so hard for, then I wouldn't do it." Haas and Benjamin's first championship reign lasted 101 days before losing to Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri in a Ladder Match at "Judgment Day" 2003. After turning on Angle, the duo renamed themselves The World's Greatest Tag Team en route to a second championship reign. The team was split during the 2004 WWE Draft and reunited in November 2006 for a year.

Following their releases from WWE in 2010, Haas and Benjamin joined Ring of Honor that summer as "Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team." At "Best in the World" 2011, they won the ROH Tag Team Championships and became the first team to win tag team titles in WWE and ROH. Their most recent pairing came on November 21, 2015, when Haas and Benjamin won the Danny Davis Invitational Tournament at OVW Brews & Bruises.

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