Roman Reigns Believes Recent WWE Feud Was 'A Perfect Recipe'

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have had more marquee matches than any other wrestler in WWE history, having been involved in eight PLE main event matches. "The Tribal Chief" holds the bragging rights in the feud, with five victories over "The Beast," with Seth Rollins' cash-in at WrestleMania 31 being the only time someone other than Lesnar or Reigns won a bout involving the two.

According to Reigns, the last three matches between the two worked due to a shift Lesnar made to his character, bringing something different to the table in their feud that was desperately needed.

"To me, if he doesn't level up and showcase the Cowboy Brock character, then don't nobody give a sh** about Brock next to the Tribal Chief," Reigns said during an interview with "The Ringer." "I was able to push my level up, which he knew, OK, 'this guy's creating different levels and layers to this, let me step my game up.' And he did that.

"That was just a perfect recipe of two performers who want to be the best, and both have pretty legitimate claims to that territory. And when you get two guys who compete, it's not backstabbing. We're looking each other in the eyes and we're telling each other, 'I'm better than you and if you don't show me, then this is the end of the road for you.' People probably said, 'Oh God, not Brock-Roman again.' And then we go out there and deliver a classic."

The feud only dates back to 2015, with the eight matches coming in less than 10 years for the two, a match many viewed as being overdone. To add to that point, Lesnar and Reigns have wrestled at three WrestleManias.