Roman Reigns Names WWE Opponent He Was Most Nervous Against

Roman Reigns is the Head of the Table and WWE's Undisputed Universal Champion, but that doesn't mean he's immune to getting nervous. His nerves reached a boiling point in 2020 at Clash of Champions. It was during the thick of the pandemic and there was no live audience — just a ring, referee Charles Robinson, Reigns, and his opponent, Jey Uso. Recently, the Tribal Chief looked back fondly on that evening (via The Ringer) and what it did for his cousin especially.

"I've never been so nervous for anybody I've been in the ring with," Reigns said, noting how badly he wanted to see one half of the Uso brothers succeed. "I want everybody to do good, but I'm not going to lower myself."

That night, Reigns took the match as far as he could before Jimmy Uso threw in the towel on behalf of his brother. It was a match that didn't have much preparation time. Ultimately, it came down to the relationship Reigns and his cousin share. It became about instincts and trust, and Reigns couldn't have been prouder.

"At the end of the day, you have to be able to work up to this level and not seem out of place," Reigns said. "And he didn't, man, in so many ways."

The Bloodline are operating on an entirely different level, and without that match, it's interesting to think about whether the group or Jey Uso would be where they're at today.

"I don't think anyone's ever pushed me emotionally like Jey has," Reigns declared. "I think we did that for each other and we made a star out of him."