Jimmy Wang Yang Thinks He Holds Unfortunate WWE Record

Back in 2006, Jimmy Wang Yang was welcomed back into WWE, but it put him in a tier of an unfortunate few. In an interview with "The Ten Count," Yang said he had the opportunity to attend the PPV Backlash just as a spectator as he was released by WWE in 2005. He thought making a night out of the whole experience would be a good way to impress an acquaintance of the female persuasion.

"I was just trying to get laid one night and it was a PPV close by and this girl, I was trying to get tickets and do this whole thing. This is after I got fired," Yang said. "Get awesome tickets and everything and when I showed up, me and Vince crossed paths and he's like, 'Jimmy! Where the hell ya been?' I was like, 'Uhh, you fired me?' He said, 'What? I did?'" McMahon said he'd come back and talk to him.

While at Backlash, Yang was asked to test out a spot for Shawn Michaels with The Spirit Squad. Michael Hayes warned McMahon that Yang wasn't under contract and McMahon said he should be. After following through with the spot, Yang was asked to work several shows. Finally, they offered him his job back. He wanted to go thank McMahon for rehiring him and when he did McMahon revealed that he was going to make him an Asian redneck.

"He said, 'Wang Yang! Jimmy Wang Yang! That rhymes! That's funny!'" Yang was totally fine with it as long as he was getting a paycheck.

"I have a record of getting released in wrestling like definitely WWE like four times. They say Marty Jannetty has more releases than me, but I don't believe it."