Former WWE wrestler and agent Jimmy Yang sat down with the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast to talk about his recent, albeit short, tenure working as a WWE agent.

At first, Yang seemed to indicate it was a horrible experience, before revealing he was joking. Yang did indeed enjoy his recent experience working with WWE, wishing it had lasted longer.

“It’s just a horrible job. It’s horrible, man,” Yang jokes. “Like it’s unbelievable. Like, WWE paid me a good amount of money to travel. They made me stay at five-star hotels and I got to help produce Raw and Smackdown. I hope you get it and other people get it. I’m being sarcastic when I say that. WWE, being a WWE producer is not a bad job if you can handle the pressure and the intensity of working with WWE.

“You know, this last run was my fourth time so I’m kind of used to the WWE system. So it wasn’t hard to me, like, wrestling TV days. Always long days, that’s how the wrestling business is. It’s always crazy and it’s a lot of pressure. A lot of stuff that goes on that day, but that’s what I love about WWE. Like the pressure, the intensity, the craziness.

“Everything and those moments that you’re on the headset and there’s so much going on. Like that’s the first time I really got nervous since I was like wrestling since it was so intense. You’ve got Vince in your ear, you’ve got Kevin Dunn in your other ear, you’ve got a million things going on. But I actually enjoyed it and you know, I wish it would’ve lasted longer.”

Jimmy Yang also had huge amounts of praise for former WWE Champion Big E. He recalled being a big believer in Big E during the first time they worked together years ago, and said he thought Big E did a great job during his title reign.

“A lot of the guys impressed me a lot, but there’s one thing I haven’t told people. Like 10 years ago I was at WWE in Dayton and I saw Big E, and I told him ‘Big E, dude, you’re my favorite wrestler right now. You know, like really, you’re my favorite.’ And coming back 10 years, 11 years later and seeing him. I told him ‘bro, you’re still my favorite wrestler.’

“And some things that I saw with him when he was a champion really, really impressed me. I think Big E and his championships reign will go down as a true champion, you know? Like he impressed me so much up there was, going with his gut feelings about situations and that Big E is a real champion.”

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