Dustin Rhodes Addresses Whether He'll Ever Wrestle Cody Rhodes Again

Dustin Rhodes is celebrating 35 years as a professional wrestler. He recently appeared on "Talk Is Jericho" to reflect on various stories, one of which included the time he faced his brother Cody Rhodes at AEW's very first pay-per-view in 2019.

While the brothers were still in WWE, Dustin pitched a WrestleMania match against Cody for six years. WWE didn't feel it was good enough to take place at WrestleMania, but they were able to face each other at WWE Fastlane in 2015 under their Goldust and Stardust gimmicks. Dustin labeled that encounter as awful because their hearts just weren't in it but that would completely change four years later.

"Then I leave [WWE] and come here and this opportunity opens to have this WrestleMania moment on Double or Nothing, our first pay-per-view," Rhodes recalled. "'Let's give it all we got.' It was a two promo build. I think the story was already there. It was built up over the years because I had expressed that I wanted this match, and now it was, 'Hey, we need to deliver it.'" 

Rhodes wasn't sure how the crowd would react to him, but it turned out to be a big-fight feel with a lot of emotion involved. "We could've missed a thousand things in that match, and it wouldn't have mattered," Rhodes said. 

He declared it was the most fun he's ever had in the ring, but explained why he wouldn't do it again. "I could never do anything like that ever again. Everybody's saying, 'Man, you guys need to have a second match,' and it's like, 'No, I'm not touching that.' I can't because it won't live up to the expectations."

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