Brian Pillman Jr. Comments On AEW Status And Booking

Brian Pillman Jr. has quite a bit of time left on his contract, but he's grinding to make the most of it. Pillman Jr. signed with AEW back in July 2021. Since then, he's mainly been seen in tag team action with Griff Garrison, collectively known as The Varsity Blondes. Unfortunately, the duo has not received much TV time lately, having their last televised match in October on an episode of "AEW Rampage." 

On their last "AEW Dynamite" back in August, Pillman Jr. and Garrison were defeated in a 30-second squash match against The Gunn Club in which Pillman Jr. didn't even get tagged. In an interview conducted by Wrestling Inc.'s Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, he talked about his current booking in AEW.

"That's just the nature of the beast," Pillman Jr. said. "We all want stuff to happen right away. But they did sign me and Griff to some lucrative longer deals, so it's not like there isn't food on the table, but there comes a certain aspect where you start to get hungry for more and you want to get back in the spotlight."

Pillman r. revealed that he's still on his initial AEW contract and that he's got a "few more years left." Although the booking hasn't been the best for Pillman Jr., he's more motivated than ever to improve his skill and presentation, any way to keep his father's name alive. 

"And a lot of my work, I'm just starting to take more pride in because no one else will for you," he said. "No one else is going to give you that push. You got to kind of push yourself sometimes."