Matt Cardona Puts Out $1000 Offer To His Fans

Matt Cardona doesn't have many regrets from his nearly two-decade career in professional wrestling. From his tag team partnership with Brian Myers to his memorable run with the Internet Championship to the career revamp he put together following his WWE release, Cardona has gone on a pretty wild ride. And while his career looks good on paper, Cardona would actually like to have an actual record documenting all of it.

In a recent appearance on "Inside The Ropes" (via Fightful), the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion revealed that he wished he had kept a notebook of all his matches and where they took place. Although sites like Cagematch keep a solid record of performers' matches and appearances, smaller independent shows can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. As a result, Cardona is putting his money where his mouth is and offering a financial reward to any fan who can help him put his match history together.

"If they can accurately list every single match I've ever had, I'm talking live events, indies, whatever, I will give them $1000 PayPal, friends and family, if they can do it. I think there are going to be inaccuracies, but I would love to see people try," he said. "I will give $1000 PayPal, friends and family so there are no fees, to whoever does the best job."

Cardona began his career in 2004 under the name Brett Matthews, before later joining the WWE developmental territory of Deep South Wrestling under the ring name Brett Major. Upon his move to the main roster in 2007, he was repackaged into his long-standing identity as Zack Ryder. When Ryder was released from WWE in 2020, he reverted back to his real name: Matt Cardona. 

With over 1,500 matches officially attached to Cardona's collection, per Cagematch, the race is now on to complete the task at hand.