Matt Sydal Reveals How Tony Khan Responded To Him Suffering Latest Injury At Non-AEW Event

Tony Khan is a hugger. This has been well documented in press scrums and memes, and according to AEW wrestler Matt Sydal, it can be exactly what a wrestler needs in a tough time.

Sydal recently appeared on "The Ten Count," and was asked about how AEW President Tony Khan felt about Sydal suffering an injury earlier this year in a match outside of AEW competition. According to Sydal, Khan was more concerned with Sydal's well-being than the formalities of his wrestlers' freelancing.


"When Tony Khan found out what my injury was," Sydal explained, "he jumped up and hugged me because it didn't need surgery. He's as supportive as you could be, as encouraging as you could be. It was a setback, everybody felt it, like taking the air out of a balloon when that happens." 

According to Sydal, he feels especially self-conscious about his history of injuries. "I feel like I have injuries haunting me, left and right," Sydal confessed. The former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion says that this recent injury had an effect on him he didn't expect.

"This time it just made me more focused on coming back, made me more angry –just lit that fire in me," Sydal exclaimed. "I don't have all the time in the world. I don't have the longest career in front of me. I have 22 years behind me, but every match that's left is going to be the best match of my life because I'm putting in my best work."