Brian Pillman Jr. Makes Bold Generational Talent Claim

Wrestling inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman recently interviewed Brian Pillman Jr., where he talked about generational talent. 

"I don't think any of them hold a candle to what I've been doing and the work that I've put in," said Pillman Jr. "But they're working their way up. I think there's a little bit of a misconception that all these guys are talented, and people might overlook Brian Pillman Jr. and the work that he's put in and how he's gone out, and grinded his a** on the Indies, and tore through the pandemic and earned a spot at AEW. There's not any problems. It's just, these guys need to know who's been f*cking paving the way for them, because I didn't have my dad holding my hand. You know what I mean?"

The AEW star noted how he quit his comfortable desk job at a Fortune 50 Company to chase his dream and how he doesn't have anyone holding his hand like other second-generation wrestlers. He has an advantage due to the adversity he has faced getting into the pro wrestling business and growing up without his father. 

Pillman Jr. also called out AEW star Hook and other second-generation wrestlers.

"When it comes to the grit and the determination and just how sick of a person you have to be to succeed in this business, these kids don't hold a candle to me, whether that's Hook or Austin or Colton, even my own adversary, Brock, and Kerry," said Pillman Jr. "Unfortunately, they'll never be as good as I am because I've been through more sh*t."

Pillman Jr's last AEW TV match was October 10 on "AEW Rampage." He set to face Kerry Morton this Sunday at Big Time Wrestling: Return Of The Dragon.