Colt Cabana Explains Why His Podcast Stopped After AEW All Out

Colt Cabana has been missing from AEW TV for most of this year, and his Apple podcast "The Art of Wrestling" just resumed after a three-month absence. Cabana addressed his podcasting absence by insisting it was a self-imposed act and had nothing to do with the fallout from CM Punk's brawl with The Elite at All Out in September.


"I didn't delay it because the company that I worked for told me not to talk about anything, or what I could or could not do," he said, adding the decision was his based on "just kind of where [his] brain was at."

Cabana reminded his listeners that he began "The Art of Wrestling" to have an honest conversation about his career.

"I like to put out shows occasionally spotlighting my friends or people that I find super interesting," he said. "And from the beginning, I was so open – maybe even to a fault – about dealing with losing my dream job of the WWE, or fighting to be an independent wrestler, or how to make money in wrestling, or how to survive a lot of things."

He also said he mostly avoided talking about his romantic relationships and legal problems, except for a podcast episode called "The Trial" where he discussed "all of my feelings while I was going through the trial in which the WWE doctor sued me in a court of law and lost." Cabana noted that it can be fun to hear fans speculate about his usually-quiet personal life.


Cabana stated that he finally felt comfortable airing the latest episode with guest Peter Avalon, and that the frank talk about mental health was recorded at a sensitive time for Cabana. "I mean, I'm always feeling a lot of feelings," he confessed, "including now, but it was definitely prevalent at the time of this talk."