This Is What Was On Arn Anderson's Mind At WWE Survivor Series 1989

Few performers have had an impact on the professional wrestling industry like Arn Anderson. Together with Tully Blanchard, Anderson helped define the modern style of tag team wrestling, performing in both WWE and WCW. On a recent episode of the "Arn" podcast, Anderson spoke about his experience at Survivor Series in 1989, as he was preparing to make the move from WWE back to WCW.

"You know what was in my mind?" Anderson said. "This was my last night on the job, and I'm going home. Tomorrow morning. 8 o'clock flight, I'm going to Charlotte. ... That's just where I was at mentally. I was honored to be out there with the team. I mean, Andre [the Giant], Haku, Bobby [Heenan] – love those guys. And the opponents, it was not lost on me what big stars these guys were. But I was just floating. I was ready to go home."

Anderson revealed that in the month leading up to his departure from the company after he had already made his decision, WWE owner Vince McMahon nearly doubled his pay. "The Enforcer" believed McMahon was trying to show Anderson what he could've been making had he stayed with the company.

"Well, my answer to that is, why didn't you just do that in the first place?" Anderson stated.

Following the pay-per-view, Anderson returned to WCW, where he would soon become the NWA World Television Champion before eventually reforming the Four Horsemen alongside Ric Flair, Ole Anderson, and new member Paul Roma. Anderson would remain a prominent figure in WCW until his retirement in 1997. In 2012, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for his work with the Four Horsemen, but the duo of the Brain Busters has yet to receive the honor.