Insight Into Why Brandi Rhodes Hasn't Returned To Pro Wrestling

It's been nearly a year since Brandi Rhodes last competed in the ring, and for good reason. The former AEW Chief Brand Officer left the company alongside husband Cody Rhodes in February before Cody returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38. Brandi has not appeared for any promotion since then, but she has started up her own podcast focused on parenting. During a recent episode of "2 Truths and 1 Lie," Rhodes interviewed WWE star Lacey Evans about their experiences as mothers in the pro wrestling industry.


Speaking about her AEW travel schedule after having her first child, Rhodes said, "Most of the time I would leave at 6 a.m., get there, and then legitimately, if I wasn't booked, get the latest flight that I could back. It was pretty terrible being away from her just for that period of time. If I text somebody and they didn't get back to me, my heart was stopping. It was just not for me, and I guess that's a lot of the reason why I haven't been back."

Rhodes gave props to Evans for being around her kids all the time despite WWE's travel schedule. They shared how their mothers are both involved with their respective families, and while Evans wishes she could let go of control, she is grateful to have her mom there to help — even as they filmed the interview.


"I've been blessed to where I don't have to leave them," Evans said. "WWE has been good on that side. We were talking before about how it was kind of difficult at first in 2016 when I started with the company, but now they're very supportive when it comes to family and moms and the whole nine, so I've been very blessed."