Ninja Mack Addresses Possible Interest From WWE And AEW

Ninja Mack feels very fortunate to be working with NOAH right now and he's excited to see where that relationship leads him. In a new interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Mack showed his enthusiasm for being able to work with one of the premier wrestling promotions in Japan.

"I'm very thankful for them to allow me to join them and learn from the best there is in the business right now," Mack said. "And I mean, they're buzzing. NOAH's buzzing everywhere. The junior division, the heavyweight division, they got connections with AEW, WWE, they just invested in themselves. All the walkout arenas look so good. The lights look so good. Man, NOAH's turning up."

Mack established an identity wrestling under the GCW banner, but has the talented star gotten looks from companies like WWE and AEW?

"I believe there's going to be a lot of opportunities going forward," Mack added, "But I'm so focused on NOAH and growing that and seeing what we can make out of it, that I'm actually going to have, I had my one last GCW show last weekend. I only have a couple indie shows coming up before I go back. And they're pretty big matches in some big indie promotions."

Mack will have some indirect AEW ties as he'll be facing Dante Martin on December 3 at an upcoming Maryland Championship Wrestling Show on December 3.

"I do got a lot of plans going forward. I hope to capitalize and find out what they are."