Austin Theory Comments On 'Huge Moment' From His WWE Career

It's not every day you meet your hero, and it's also not every day that you'll cut a promo with them inside a WWE ring. But for WWE United States Champion Austin Theory, this past summer gave him the opportunity for both.


In a new interview with the Ottawa media outlet City News, Theory opened up about his gigantic 2022 and some favorite moments from the year – including a run-in with his childhood hero, John Cena, this summer.

Throughout early 2022, Theory and Cena enjoyed a social media feud, sending jabs back and forth online. At one point it was rumored that Cena and Theory may even have a match against one another at SummerSlam. Although that didn't pan out, the two did share a moment on "Monday Night Raw."

Cena made a return to WWE to take part in a celebration honoring his 20th anniversary with the promotion in June, and the two smack-talking wrestlers crossed paths. This gave Theory a memorable opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the man he has said helped inspire him to get into pro wrestling in the first place.


"That was a huge moment for me actually because that was the first time that I have done anything on screen with John and for it to be a promo was pretty special and not just a walk by, it was a confrontation and just getting to have that two minutes with him, it meant a lot to me," Theory told City News on Tuesday.

Theory's year has been filled with a lot of huge moments – having a match alongside Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 38, winning the Money in the Bank ladder match, and capturing the United States Championship twice, which he currently holds after a victory over Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series.