Jake Hager Continues To Like This Hat

Jake Hager likes his hat, and who can blame him? It's a good hat.

Hager and his floppy purple bucket hat have become one of the most beloved duos in professional wrestling in recent weeks, as the AEW star continues to hilariously flaunt the hat on television and in social media photos.

For nearly a week straight now, Hager has shared a photo of himself and his purple hat on Twitter with the caption, "I like this hat." There's Hager and his purple hat filling up the gas tank. There's Hager and his purple hat at the grocery store. There's Hager and his purple hat ordering delivery. And yesterday, Hager's purple hat even accompanied him to the airport.

AEW Community Outreach member Amanda Huber even shared a photo of Hager and a young fan wearing matching purple hats. "They like these hats," she tweeted.

In recent weeks, AEW has changed its promotional images of Hager to ones of Hager wearing his purple hat, cementing the absurd gimmick as a full-time part of the wrestler's character now. And it's working, too. Other wrestlers have begun calling out Hager's hat as part of their feuds and fans have rallied with support for the hat online.

AEW fans were first introduced to the hat during a late September segment with the Jericho Appreciation Society in which stable leader Chris Jericho gifted Daniel Garcia the purple cap. But Garcia refused it, throwing it on the ground, and the next week Hager gained possession of it. As one of Jericho's longest allies since 2019, Hager called Garcia out for throwing the hat aside and got seemingly pretty upset over Garcia's rejection. Now, Hager doesn't want Jericho's gift to go to waste either and has been sporting it every day.