Stevie Ray Has One Regret From His WWE Hall Of Fame Worthy Career

Alongside his real-life brother Booker T, Stevie Ray is half of one of WCW's most prominent tag teams in the company's history — Harlem Heat. Together, Booker and Ray won the WCW World Tag Team Championships 10 times, holding the titles for a combined total of 470 days. Throughout their time as a team in WCW, the now Hall of Famers found themselves going against other well-known teams such as The Nasty Boys and Rick and Scott Steiner. However, Ray revealed which team that Harlem Heat were interested in facing off against that they never had the opportunity to and why he believes the match never happened.


"We wanted to do a program with the Road Warriors, but for some reason, the office never did it," Ray said appearing on the "Grue Rume Show." "That's my only regret in my whole wrestling career ... Why the office didn't see that, we have no idea. Me and Animal talked about it for years, man. You know, and another, another brother we've lost. God rest his soul, every time we'd see each other, we'd talk about, 'Man, we could've, what kind of money we could've drew' ... I question the, you know, the people that were running the office at that time."

The Road Warriors, like Harlem Heat, are an iconic tag team who used to excite fans when their theme song started with "What a rush." The Road Warriors won the WWE Tag Team Championships twice and the NWA World Tag Team Championships one time. Harlem Heat and the Road Warriors never faced off on a PPV or for the WCW World Tag Team Championships, however, they did square off one time on an episode of "Nitro" in 1996; the Road Warriors walked away with the win on the night.