Colt Cabana Comments On AEW Status And Chris Jericho Match

Over the last several months, Colt Cabana's presence on AEW television has been non-existent, making his first match in quite some time against Chris Jericho on "Dynamite" for the ROH World Championship a point of interest for a number of fans. His disappearance from AEW programming early in the year was a major component of CM Punk's comments during the AEW All Out media scrum in September, with the narrative persisting that Punk didn't want Cabana in the company while he worked there and played a role in his jettisoning, a notion that both Punk and AEW boss Tony Khan have forcefully denied. 


During an interview with "The Work of Wrestling" podcast though, Cabana provided details on his current deal with AEW  detailing that he does indeed have a contract with AEW, stating that he gets paid whether he wrestles or not. Cabana also mentioned that he's been told he'll be "used for ROH and that's kind of it," mentioning that there hasn't been very much communication with Khan or AEW, but reiterated that he does indeed "collect a check and it comes from All Elite Wrestling."

In discussing what happened on November 2 when he returned to face Jericho, Cabana revealed, "I never talked to Tony until I was in Gorilla, so it wasn't a call from Tony Khan. The travel called me up and said, 'You are needed for Baltimore, Maryland.' I assumed it was to wrestle Chris Jericho, but the travel told me 'Chris Jericho is requesting your presence in Baltimore, Maryland.' I wrestled Chris and then yeah," he continued, "I don't think I want to go too deep on everything with Chris and I or it all in general. I'm under contract, they told me to show up, and I showed up, I wrestled. If they want me to wrestle again, I'll wrestle again and if they want me to agent again, I'll agent again. Whatever it might be," Cabana added.


Cabana's statement would seem to contradict Khan's explanation during the Full Gear media scrum as to why he booked Jericho and Cabana on that night in November. Khan stated that he "looked at the ROH roster" and thought Cabana's record with the brand warranted a title shot, although in reality, at least according to Colt Cabana, they never had any contact with one another until moments before the match.