CM Punk Shoots On His Issues With Scott 'Colt Cabana' Colton

Newly crowned two-time AEW World Champion CM Punk was in a mood during the AEW All Out post=show media scrums, opening up about his issues with Colt Cabana and "Hangman" Adam Page before Wrestling Inc. senior news editor Nick Hausman had even asked a question. Punk went in-depth on his history with Cabana, who he referred to by his real name, Scott Colton, and went into detail about where his issues with Cabana began and ended, including the lawsuits they both had against each other.


"I haven't had anything to do with Scott Colton in almost a decade," Punk said. "Probably wanted nothing to do with him even longer than that. It's f***ing unfortunate that I have to come up here and speak on this when I'm on my time and this is a f***ing business. Why I'm a grown-ass adult man and I decided not to be friends with somebody is nobody else f***ing business.

"But my friends, if I fall backward, will catch me, Scott Colton, I felt, never would have.  My problem was I wanted to bring a guy with me to the top that did not want to see me at the top, okay? You call it jealousy, you call it envy, whatever the f*** it is. My relationship with Scott Colton ended long before I paid all of his bills."


'The fact that I have to get up here and do this in 2022 is f***ing embarrassing'

"I have every receipt, I have every invoice, I have every email," Punk continued. "I have the email where he says, and I quote, 'I agree to go our separate ways, I will get my own lawyer and you don't have to pay anymore.' That's an email that I have, and the only reason the public did not see is because when I finally had to counter-sue him, through discovery, we discovered he shared a bank account with his mother. That's a fact. And as soon as we discovered that fact and we subpoenaed ol' Marsha, he sent the email, 'Oh, can we please drop all this?'


"Now, it's 2022. I haven't been friends with him since at least 2014, late 2013. And the fact that I have to sit up here, because we have irresponsible people who call themselves EVPs, and couldn't f***ing manage a Target, and they spread lies and bulls*** and put into a media that I got somebody fired when I have f*** all to do with him, want nothing to do with him, do not care where he works, where he doesn't work, where he eats, where he sleeps. And the fact that I have to get up here and do this in 2022 is f***ing embarrassing. And if y'all are at fault, f*** you. If you're not, I apologize."

Of course, Punk couldn't conclude his tirade against Cabana without throwing in a shot at former AEW World Champion Adam Page.


"What did I ever do in this world to deserve an empty-headed f***ing dumb f*** like 'Hangman' Adam Page to go out on national television and f***ing go into business for himself? For what? What did I do?" Punk asked. "Didn't do a god damn thing."