Road Dogg Details Exactly What His WWE Role Entails

WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Brian James has been a critical part of WWE backstage affairs in recent memory, including as a key member of Triple H's regime down in "WWE NXT" prior to "The Game" taking over as Chief Content Officer. James was released by the company for a brief period earlier this year, re-signing in August and replacing his friend Jeff Jarrett as Senior Vice President of Live Events in the process.

Although James is back with WWE once again, it's unclear exactly what his role entails, as WWE continues to scale back its amount of live events per year. During an exclusive interview with Military News, the former United States Marine detailed what his new gig with WWE has him doing these days. "It's very time-consuming and it's not a difficult job, it's basically following creative on television and making sure the live events match that creative," James said. "I have to come up with some creative, some angles for the live events, putting together creative and the matches and coming up with the finish, so it's all the creative of the live events. Every now and then I have to stray from the formula, but it's really just following what creative they are doing on television and making sure the live events replicate that."

The former D-Generation X member did however reveal that his role doesn't mean he has to attend all of the WWE live events, although he does "go to the office every two weeks and go to a live event or two a month." James also detailed that he can pick the events he wants to go to, sitting in the stands for the events to watch as a fan. The WWE HOFer also said he can help with the "production" of the events as well, explaining how he's "shortened" some promotional stuff in the past to make these events more "fan-friendly."