Backstage News On Why Austin Theory Apologized After Match On WWE Raw

Austin Theory was reportedly "very apologetic" in the backstage area for botching a top rope hurricanrana spot during his Unites States Championship defense against Mustafa Ali on this week's "WWE Raw" in Washington, D.C.


According to Fightful Select, "there was no heat" between Theory and Ali for the mistimed spot, and the champion took full responsibility for the "slip up" and offered an apology to Ali.

The botch in question – which took place midway through the match – could be attributed to Theory not holding on to Ali, which led to both men crashing awkwardly on the mat. Fightful's report added that the original plan was for Theory to block the hurricanrana and lift Ali up for a powerbomb, following which Ali was supposed to counter the block attempt back into a hurricanrana. However, Theory not holding onto Ali led to both men crashing face-first to the mat. 

A video of the botched spot can be seen below.


Immediately after the botched spot, Ali hit a satellite DDT for a near pinfall, which was reportedly an audible that was called by Ali after the two wrestlers got back on their feet. Fightful added that it was Ali who asked the referee to check on Theory so the match could continue. Eventually, Dolph Ziggler took out Theory with a superkick, which led to a DQ finish to the title match.

As noted earlier, Theory's next challenger for the United States Championship will be decided on next week's "WWE Raw," where Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley will square off in a #1 contender's match. Theory had defeated Rollins and Lashley in a triple-threat match at Survivor Series to begin his second reign as U.S. Champion. WWE has yet to announce the date for Theory's next title defense.