This Has Haunted Hulk Hogan About His NWO Reveal For 20 Years

It's difficult to narrow down Hulk Hogan's 30-plus-year career to just one moment. However, if you're looking for one of the most pivotal, the conversation would have to include 1996's Bash at the Beach. That night, Hogan shocked the world by turning on "Macho Man" Randy Savage and aligning himself with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the New World Order. For the first time since before his rise in WWF, he was a heel. Ever since though, there's been one detail about that night that's stuck out to him. Speaking at the Mega Powers Launch Party this week to promote a new Mattel WWE action figure, the WWE Hall of Famer held his WCW action figure — one that didn't quite have the right look.

"To see this, it's really cool because it reminds me of beating Flair the first night for the belt," Hogan said with a chuckle while holding his Hulkster action figure. And then he remembered. "But then when I see the boots, it kind of reminds me of the night in Daytona." As he made his way out of the dressing room, everything was going accordingly. Nobody knew who the third man was, not even Nash or Hall. But he was supposed to be ready to wrestle.

"So if you're coming down to wrestle, why would you have a pair of cowboy boots on?" Hogan continued. At that exact moment, he wasn't worried about ruining or relaunching his career. That hadn't entered his mind in the slightest. He was so consumed with everything else that he simply forgot to change boots. "I forgot to put my wrestling boots on, so when I see this, it's kind of funny because now everybody knows what I was thinking. But that has haunted me for over 20 years."