Arn Anderson Explains Why He Likes AEW Cage Matches

When it comes to holding a steel cage match, Arn Anderson believes the point of having wrestlers in the cage is to settle their differences within its locked confines. On a new episode of his "ARN" podcast, "The Enforcer" expressed a preference for the way AEW has demonstrated it does cage matches in his short history; there have only been five to date, the last of which took place at Full Gear between "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry and Luchasaurus.

"AEW is perfect for that, because they're all factions," he said, referring to the promotion's storylines evolving to the point where run-ins get settled in the cage. "It's pay day for the good guy," he continued. "And the cage does prevent the other bad guys from getting in there. They don't get to climb the cage and get in; they don't come through the door. You settle it and you bloody up the bad guy, and its pay day for the good guy and everybody finally has closure; it feels like the end of a gimmick or the end of an angle."

Anderson stressed that a pinfall or submission within the cage effectively determines that the victor is "more man that night." In addition, he complained that the ability to win by being the first to escape the cage never made sense to him, as has WWE has done it over the years. "A guy like John Cena, who is your knight in shining armor –- why would he ever win a cage match by escaping, leaving the fight?" he asked. "It never made sense to me. That's a guy that when they locked you in a cage with him, he was gonna beat you –- that's it. And he did."