Harvey Wippleman Opens Up About Friendship With The Rock

Harvey Wippleman has left a legacy in the professional wrestling business, helping several other stars along the way, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Wippleman dove into the storied past between the two and explained which of Johnson's family members first introduced them.


"Rocky Johnson, who was his dad, was fundamental in breaking me into the business and getting me going in this profession that thankfully I've been in for 43 years going on 44," Wippleman said on "One on One with Teddy Long". "So, Rocky brought me to Hawaii in 1983."

Wippleman explained that Rocky brought him over to be a manager and gave him the freedom to showcase his personality while at ringside for matches. Wippleman said that Jerry "The King" Lawler saw his work and asked him if he could manage him in Memphis. Wippleman agreed to do so, and Rocky later ended up joining him while he was down there.

"He asked me to let his son live with me, so I said, 'Of course, Rocky.' So, Dwayne came and lived with me. Never expected it ... Dwayne lived with me at the Alamo Plaza, and he loved to drive. He was already 6' 2" or whatever. I loved to drink beer, and back then, I was a problem drinker. I ain't going to lie. We had an arrangement. At night out in the towns, we would drive to lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville ...It was the worst place you could be, so naturally, that's where me and Dwayne went every night out on the town ... We got real close."


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