Harvey Wippleman Talks Returning To Trailer Park With The Rock

Harvey Wippleman has looked back at the time he and The Rock returned to a trailer park in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee. Wippleman recalled The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson, calling him and saying his son was getting his start in the wrestling business and had no money or a place to stay. Wippleman allowed Johnson to stay at his place until he started collecting checks.

During an edition of Sportskeeda's One on One, Wippleman discussed the time he and The Rock returned to that trailer park. Wippleman also revealed whether or not he still owns the trailer park.

"Strangely enough, about two months ago he came down and did CBS Good Morning, Good Morning CBS, whatever it's called, and you can look it up online I believe, he came up to Lakeville. The people that I sold the trailer to still live there, a Mexican family. 'Is it okay if we film here at your trailer?' This, that, and the other, and, 'Yes, yes. Can we meet Dwayne? Get a picture?' 'Of course.' He came back down the walls and did CBS Good Morning in front of the old trailer in Lakeville. So, that was a wonderful deal."

Wippleman confirmed the story that he gifted "The People's Champ" his first vehicle and The Rock eventually returned the favor, buying him a brand new Ford F-150. He further said he only uses the Ford F-150 for special occasions because he wants the truck to last for the rest of his life.

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