Contract Signing Reportedly Set For Tonight's WWE SmackDown

Now that next week's title match is set for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, a new report suggests fans will get a face-to-face between challenger Ricochet and the champion, GUNTHER, on tonight's "WWE SmackDown." Ricochet won WWE's World Cup tournament earlier this month, earning him not only the tournament's gigantic gold trophy but also an Intercontinental title shot set to take place on the December 16 edition of "SmackDown" in Chicago.

It's expected that Ricochet and GUNTHER will both appear in a contract signing segment on tonight's "SmackDown," according to a new report from Fightful Select. GUNTHER, who previously held the NXT UK Championship for a record 870 days, has been WWE Intercontinental Champion since June after originally defeating Ricochet for the title. Ricochet earned his title shot after running through Mustafa Ali and Braun Strowman in the World Cup Tournament's first two rounds and then defeating Santos Escobar in the finals last week, setting up a second rematch with GUNTHER. Ricochet lost his first televised rematch in late June.

"I've beat Ricochet twice," GUNTHER pointed out last week on "SmackDown." The champion did give Ricochet some credit, though, calling him "one of the most gifted athletes I've ever seen in my life." But GUNTHER said Ricochet's "got a weak character" and that will be the difference in their upcoming match. "He's a little boy that is full of himself and he's only in this for his own good," GUNTHER said. "I am a man that is in for the greater good, for the honor of this great sport." As wrestling fans have come to expect over the years, contract signings never end well for the wrestlers putting pen to paper in the ring. Chaos can be expected and fists will likely be thrown, gearing up towards next week's showdown.