WWE Hall Of Famer Doesn't Like The New Day Coming To NXT

"WWE NXT" color commentator Booker T has some thoughts on The New Day invading the developmental brand. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods interrupted Pretty Deadly during the December 6 episode of "NXT." The two teams brawled, setting up a title match at the Deadline premium live event on Saturday.

Booker T made it clear on "NXT" TV that he thinks The New Day is getting involved in some business that doesn't concern them. During an episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer made it clear he hasn't changed his stance.

"I don't like it," Booker T said. "I don't like it at all. I mean, these guys are camera hogs. They can't get no love on the main roster. So, they gotta come over to 'NXT' and try to, there again, steal some camera time. It's just one of those things, man. I don't like seeing bullies pick on people, and that's what The New Day has become as of late. They've become bullies coming over to 'NXT.' So, that's what I would label them as, bullies."

Booker T was then asked whether or not he thinks The New Day should be the favorite over Pretty Deadly.

"Yeah, I mean they should be," he said. "Multi-time tag team champions, the most decorated tag team champions in WWE. So, yeah, come on, man. They should be the favorite."

The New Day has never held tag team gold on the "NXT" brand. Pretty Deadly is in its second reign with the "NXT" Tag Team Championship. Their current run has surpassed the three-month mark.

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