Eric Bischoff Explains Hulk Hogan's Controversial TNA Exit Angle

Eric Bischoff has given his side of the story on Hulk Hogan's controversial TNA exit angle. During the October 3, 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, Hogan turned down Dixie Carter's offer to become business partners. Hogan decided to quit instead, and Carter was begging him to stay. Carter even held on to Hogan's leg as he was trying to leave the stage.

At the time, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that the angle was due to Hogan's creative control and that it was the only way he'd agree to leave on TV. During an edition of his "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff disputed the report.

"That was my idea," Bischoff said. "That was all me, that wasn't Hulk. I'm telling you the truth. That was my idea. I wanted to put heat on Dixie. I wanted her to have heat. I wanted it to create a story, and I wanted Hulk to leave strong as he could. So, you may hate the idea, I may hate the idea right now, to be honest with you. At the time, Hulk was going, I didn't want any of the stink of TNA because he didn't deserve it. I didn't want it on Hulk Hogan, I wanted the stink to be where the stink needed to be and deserved to be. It was not on Hulk. So, I was willing to take the risk to put the heat on Dixie and make her look like an insane character who was hanging onto something she couldn't control."

Bischoff went on to say that at the time, there had been talks of Hogan possibly returning to the company down the road. He said Hogan was hurting at the time, but "The Hulkster" and Carter were close.

Please credit Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.