Eric Bischoff On If He Regrets TNA Run

When wrestling fans think about Eric Bischoff, it is usually WCW that immediately comes to mind. However, he also worked for TNA (now Impact Wrestling) from 2010 — 2014, taking on a variety of roles. While this period initially brought plenty of good times for him, the relationship between Bischoff and the company ended poorly, with the former NWO member being ordered to work from home and ultimately suing TNA due to unpaid salary.


Despite the negatives that came later, Bischoff said, "I don't regret it" during his latest "83 Weeks" podcast, which is mainly because there was one distinct positive experience that came from his run with TNA. "I know I've said that, and I've implied it even if I didn't say it," Bischoff said. "So many things that for a long time I looked at as a negative or I resented it or was angry about whatever, over the last five or six years I've changed my view of things a lot. Look, my time in TNA, as frustrating as it was for me on an individual level, guess what? I got to work my son's dream and I didn't even know it at the time." 

Bischoff's son Garett competed for TNA which was his big break in wrestling, but Bischoff didn't find out that it was Garett's fantasy to "work a match with his dad" until after their time with the company came to an end. However, Garett also had to deal with unpaid salary at that time. "TNA gave my son his childhood dream, and it gave me an opportunity to have an experience with my son that I will cherish forever," he said. "How can I look at that as anything other than a gift? Yeah, there were some things in TNA that frustrated me ... You move on and other opportunities come your way."


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