Kevin Nash Names WCW's Biggest Problem

When Kevin Nash was designated the booker of WCW, the big man came in with a game plan. Recently on AdFreeShows, Nash joined Sean Oliver and website subscribers to do a live watch-along of his famous Starrcade 1998 match against Bill Goldberg. The bout is known for ending the streak that put Goldberg on the map, as Nash became the World Heavyweight Champion with the help of Scott Hall wielding a cattle prod. It also helped to set the stage for the infamous "finger poke of doom" a week later.

During the airing, a subscriber asked Nash how difficult it was dealing with all the major names backstage with pencil in hand. "That was the biggest problem we had because everybody wanted to book their own s**t," Nash said who revealed he made a decision to set a precedent for himself with one of WCW's smallest stars, but biggest names. 

"I went out and put Rey Mysterio over, like when I first started booking," Nash told the room. "I booked myself to put over Rey and I put him over clean. The reason I did that was like, if the second-biggest guy in the territory could put over the smallest guy in the territory, I don't wanna hear anything about clean finishes." Nash has previously made clear he doesn't put a whole lot of stock into the belief that he was responsible for killing WCW, stating how he was impressed that fans thought he wielded that kind of power.

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