WWE Hall Of Famer Doesn't Believe Vince McMahon Accuser

In July 1986, it was alleged that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sexually assaulted then-WWE referee Rita Chatterton in his limousine. At the time, Chatterton was WWE's first-ever female official, but she would seemingly be exiled from the company after telling her terrifying story; as of this writing, Chatterton has never returned to WWE. This past summer, Chatterton's claims were again brought into the mainstream after The Wall Street Journal revealed more damning allegations against McMahon about hush money payments and non-disclosure agreements involving former female employees. WWE Hall of Famer Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, who worked for the company during Chatterton's tenure, has now expressed his opinion regarding the former referee's accusations. 

In the latest report by the WSJ, Valentine – real name John Wisniski – has disclosed that Chatterton told him about the accusations in the 1980s while the pair were sharing a marijuana cigarette in a Marriott hotel parking lot in Albany, New York. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion made it clear that he did not believe Chatterton when she told him and still does not believe her words today. Staggeringly, Valentine also added that he didn't think Chatterton was "attractive enough for Mr. McMahon."

In the midst of this past summer's bombshell investigation into the allegations against McMahon, the 77-year-old announced that it was time for him to retire. Despite taking a step back from his executive positions with WWE, McMahon remains the majority owner of the company. Meanwhile, Chatterton, who has now reportedly asked for $11.75 million in damages from McMahon's legal team, recently disclosed that she is currently training a young girl to become a professional wrestler.