Rita Chatterton was the first-ever female referee in WWE history – that was until July 1986, when things allegedly took a spine-chilling turn that ultimately saw her step away from the business. Chatterton claims that then-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon attempted to force her to perform a sex act on him in the back of a limousine, but when she refused, McMahon raped her.

Chatterton has been back in the headlines recently because the man she claims to have sexually assaulted her has been further accused of more wrongdoing. McMahon is currently being investigated following the discovery of a series of NDA’s and multi-million dollar payments made to former employees in regard to sexual misconduct.

Despite the current headlines about McMahon, after all these years, would Chatterton ever consider returning to the pro wrestling industry in some capacity?

“I would consider it,” Chatterton revealed on the “Cheap Heat Production Podcast” on July 14. “It would depend on what it was. I never completely close a door. I would never go back to work for Vince McMahon. Okay? Never, but that doesn’t mean I hate wrestling. That doesn’t mean I’m down on wrestling. In fact, I have a little girl right now that I’m training.”

Chatterton explained that her daughter currently runs a daycare center and the family of the girl she is training are “big” into pro wrestling. The unnamed girl, who is currently 13-years-old, is said to have big aspirations to be a professional wrestler, and Chatterton disclosed that with the training, the girl will be ready by the time she turns 18-years-old. After seemingly being driven out of the business because of the alleged actions of one man, it is apparent Chatterton still has some influence on the business, even if it is just training a young girl and encouraging her to follow her dreams.

On the same podcast episode, Chatterton expressed that she was “not surprised” to hear about the allegations against McMahon, but was “surprised” that it has taken so long for things to bubble to the surface.

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