Update On When Brock And Arn Anderson's AEW Contracts Expire

Arn Anderson wants to end his tenure with AEW in the right fashion and see his son Brock flourish as a young up-and-coming starĀ for all the right reasons. But during a recent live Zoom event with AdFreeShows.com, Anderson made mention of what his plans are moving into 2023.

"I'm hanging onto the idea that Brock just hasn't had his second chance yet because of the rotation," Anderson said before noting how much longer he and Brock have left on their contracts. "I'm still under contract for about a year and a half, Brock about six months," Anderson said, remarking that there just isn't enough television time to fit all the talent currently on the roster. "I'm sure Tony [Khan] struggles with it, trying to get everybody on there and get everybody rotated, but we're just hanging on; we don't want to do anything else."

Anderson mentioned that Brock still stays active at the gym of former WCW star Lodi where he trains in the ring while he's not getting reps; he continued with how important that is for a wrestler to develop their skills. He and Brock have also kept busy doing independent shows, including having a busy weekend during WrestleCade weekend. Arn also commented on how much Jon Moxley has taken an interest in Brock's development. As AEW World Champion, Moxley gave Brock an opportunity to work a match with him; Brock Anderson teamed with Dante Martin and Lee Moriarty to compete against the Blackpool Combat Club.

"The key to this business to getting better is consistency and wrestling reps, day after day, three days in a row, four days in a row. That's how you get better and that's just not an opportunity to where we are now," Anderson added.