Adam Pearce Issues 'Official Statement' On Bobby Lashley's WWE Firing

To close out last night's WWE Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley was fired by Senior WWE Official Adam Pearce, who screamed the two words in the former WWE Champions' face while the trademark ran to end the night. The shocking news came after Lashley had just laid waste to two referees and put his hands on Pearce, wreaking havoc after losing his match to Seth Rollins to earn a shot at the United States Champion Austin Theory.

Although nobody truly believed Lashley's time in the WWE had ended, it's been made even clearer since last night that isn't the case, with Pearce coming out today via social media to counter-act his comments from the show. The WWE Official revealed that Lashley was still on the WWE roster, but that he "repeatedly crossed the line" for several weeks, including last week when he speared WWE producer Petey Williams.

"Despite what I said last night, Bobby Lashley is not fired," Pearce said while addressing the situation. "All of it will be addressed and have repercussions. But despite that, I feel like I need to apologize to the WWE universe for the way I conducted myself. In the heat of the moment, I allowed my emotion to get the better of me, and frankly, I said some things I shouldn't have.

"I'll never apologize for having passion and looking back on last night, it's obvious I did not channel mine in the right direction and just know that I regret that. Bobby and I are going to meet later this week man-to-man and we're going to discuss what he has done, more importantly how we can move forward and do business together with respect like we always have up until now."