Jeff Jarrett Thinks WWE Star Can Go To Next Level If Taken Seriously

Jeff Jarrett has encountered and gone up against numerous legends throughout his nearly four-decade professional wrestling career. With this experience, he's also seen and advised a vast array of personalities in the creative department. The former WWE creative team member and co-founder of Impact Wrestling recently spoke about one performer he believes could've been even better if had he been given the opportunity to occasionally tone down his comedy bits.

"So I often thought this, and I'm not just saying about the last couple of years [in WWE]. You look back and he's been a comedy performer for years and years," Jarrett said of record-breaking WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth on a recent episode of his "My World" podcast.  

R-Truth — real name Ron Killings — has often portrayed a more comedic character throughout his second run with WWE. From his skits with his imaginary friend "Little Jimmy," to managing to make "The Beast" Brock Lesnar laugh on live television, R-Truth was often confined to comedic relief. When asked if he believed R-Truth had reached his highest potential, Jarrett further explained his stance.

"I've thought this for a long time, had the chairman Vince McMahon viewed Ron [Killings] just a little bit differently as someone that we're going to back off comedy [of], not for the week or the month, but for this run. We're going to completely get off the comedy and we're going to be serious, and you can throw in a tinge of one-liners here and there, but really focus on going down a different avenue for Ron. I believe it would have worked," he said. "I believe it would have gone to another level, but that never happened."

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