Marc Mero Opens Up About WWE Struggles During Marriage To Sable

A long time ago, in a wrestling galaxy not so far away, former WWE star Sable wasn't married to Brock Lesnar, but to Marc Mero. A successful wrestler in his own right, Mero is best known for runs in both WCW and WWE in the '90s. But his career largely stalled after both he and Sable left WWE in 1999, with the latter suing WWE for sexual harassment in the process. In an interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Mero detailed the aftermath of their departure, as well as Sable's attempts to break into Hollywood, while Mero traveled cross-country to be with her and then their daughter in Orlando. And then suddenly, all roads led back to WWE again.

"I'll never forget, she said to me 'What do you think about me going back to WWF?'" Mero said. "I said 'Oh my gosh. Absolutely not. After suing them, after everything we've been through? I know that the other wrestlers are disgruntled, you're not going to be liked there. I can tell you right now, Vince would never take your phone call.' And she said 'I already called him.'" Sable would return to WWE in 2003, during which time she met and fell in love with Lesnar, leading to her leaving Mero and marrying Lesnar years later. But while Mero and Sable have had no communication since that time, Mero is no longer bitter about the situation.

"If I could ever say anything to her, it's two words, 'Thank you!'" Mero said. "If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have this incredible life that I have today. I would've never have been a speaker, I would've never gone down this road. I think sometimes, people that live with bitterness and anger, or unforgiveness, man, it's just a cancer that destroys you."

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