Jake Roberts Tells Insane Story Of His Snake Biting Andre The Giant

Andre the Giant is one of the most formidable forces to ever step inside the squared circle. With a billed height and weight of 7'4 and 520 lb, respectively, "The Eighth Wonder of the World" will go down in history as one of wrestling's largest athletes. As a wrestler, he was unstoppable and fearless — unless he encountered a venomous snake.

While speaking on a recent episode of "Paradox of Sports," Jake "The Snake" Roberts talked about his feud with Andre in 1989 and how his fellow WWE Hall of Famer did a great job at selling being afraid of Roberts' reptile during the program. In real life, however, Andre wasn't fazed by anything, including snakes.

"Andre wasn't afraid of anything, man," Roberts said. "He did a great job in making people believe he was afraid. Hell, one night the snake broke two fangs off in his shoulder and he didn't even know it. And I went back to the locker room, 'cause the snake had bit me too, and I didn't even wanna go in the locker room because I was afraid he was gonna kick my a**."

However, Andre showed no interest in fighting Roberts following the incident with the snake. In fact, when Roberts asked Andre if he was okay, the colossal superstar revealed that there were "no problems." Afterward, Rick Rude pulled the fangs out of Andre's shoulder, which caused the giant to laugh and say that "the snake must be hungry."

"That's all he said," Roberts continued. "He didn't get mad, he didn't want help, he don't need a damn band-aid. It'll quit bleedin' after a while, don't worry about it. That was it."