Marc Mero Addresses Possible WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

While he never won any World Championships in either company, Marc Mero had successful stints in WCW and WWE during the 1990s. At one point, he was married to Sable and the couple even had a memorable storyline on WWE television. However, he eventually left WWE due to backstage heat over a contractual dispute. That said, Mero wasn't the only wrestler who parted ways with the promotion in dramatic fashion only to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame later on, but does he think an induction for him is possible?

Mero recently spoke to WrestlingNewsCo and shared his thoughts about entering the Hall of Fame someday.

"If I am or if I'm not, it changes nothing in my life. I'll be doing the same thing I love doing. It's great to be honored for something that you enjoy doing... Someone like me or Dallas [Diamond Page] should be considered for the Warrior Award... like go out there and do something for the community."

Named after The Ultimate Warrior, the Warrior Award is reserved for individuals who exhibit strength, compassion, perseverance, and help others in some way. Mero's "Compassion of Choices" program fits these criteria as it was set up to empower students facing everyday struggles, while DDP's work helping others has been well-documented for years.

"I've only hoped that WWE would have seen the connection we could have had with school programs to inspire students together," Mero continued. According to him, WWE Superstars sharing stories about Suicide Prevention and anxiety could have the power to profound children in a profound way beyond simply entertaining them.

During the interview, Mero also revealed that he'd ask DDP to induct him into the Hall of Fame. "He knows me better than most people do," Mero said.