Brian Myers Opens Up About Losing Streak Angle In WWE

When Brian Myers returned to WWE in 2016 as Curt Hawkins, he had no idea what kind of streak he would develop. For over two years, Myers was unable to score a victory both on television and at live events. During a recent appearance on "The Sessions," Myers told Renee Paquette that it was not something that was pitched, and he didn't realize how long his losing streak was until someone pointed out he had hit 100 matches without a win.

"So one day, I kept getting tweeted this article, and it was some dirt sheet that wrote an article saying I had lost over 100 matches in a row," Myers recalled. "But instead of being all sad about it, [I was like] 'Well, that's definitely true.' I was pitching to the writers this losing streak, and whoever would listen would listen. Not many people in wrestling want to lose all the time." Myers said he had the foresight to see something was there story-wise. Once Vince McMahon was clued in to his losing streak, it continued even longer.

Recognizing that there's only so many spots for someone like Roman Reigns, Myers said, "I'm still part of the team, still part of the show. I never made more money, had more fun. It was incredible actually, and then the crowd organically turned me babyface." As fans started to feel bad for him, WWE booked a reunion between Hawkins and Zack Ryder in 2019. The duo went on to beat The Revival at WrestleMania 35 to win the "Raw" Tag Team Championship in Myers' homestate. His losing streak was snapped after 269 matches, but once the Paul Heyman regime took over creative that summer, he went back to his losing ways.