Matt Cardona Comments On NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Matt Cardona has weighed in on the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship situation. Back in February, at NWA's PowerrrTrip event, Cardona captured the gold by pinning Trevor Murdoch. Cardona held onto the title for 119 days before he was forced to vacate it due to a torn bicep. Appearing on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Cardona discussed whether or not reclaiming NWA's top prize is on his radar when he returns.

"I think so, it was unfortunate," Cardona said. "I had the biceps injury, which came out of nowhere, right? No one expects to be injured. There's no good time to get hurt, but fortunately for me, my shtick is me talking, my character. So, I still did all my independent bookings." Cardona mentioned that his schedule has been busier than ever since he continues to make the towns, hit the gym, and maintain his podcast, while also having to go through rehab. He says that his bicep now feels 100 percent. Cardona made it clear that he isn't done handling business inside the NWA ring.

"NWA's been great," Cardona said. "They gave me an opportunity at the 10 pounds of gold, and I ran with it, you know? Whether you watched NWA, whether you were a fan of me or not, everyone knew that I was the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. I brought it on my goddamn honeymoon. Didn't defend it, but I brought it everywhere, I was practically the champion, and I would love to have that title again." The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is currently held by Tyrus, and while Cardona understands why the company is behind him, he concludes "if we ever have that match, I'm gonna kick his f***in' ass."

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