How WWE Feels Behind The Scenes About The Absence Of Vince McMahon

While Vince McMahon is reportedly angling to return to power within WWE, the mood inside the company is that the former Chairman and CEO should remain away from his former positions. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the "general feeling within the company is that things are so much better without McMahon there," with the talent roster in particular having a "happier" time without their former boss.

In terms of broadcast ratings, the last two weeks of "WWE Raw" broadcasts were not particularly robust, although WON pointed out "they are up in 18-49 for "Raw," "SmackDown" and "NXT" over the same period one year ago, while their competition has declined, and that doesn't factor in that USA Network itself has dropped 5.7 percent in homes available over the past year." Furthermore, ticket sales for major events have shown no signs of weakening without McMahon. Although some have speculated that McMahon might still be influencing WWE behind the scenes, previous reports have suggested that McMahon has indeed become entirely disconnected from the company he once led.

Business-wise, McMahon's reported comeback plans created downward movement for WWE's stock price, while the company's shares have recorded a 15 percent rise since McMahon's retirement in July. CNBC commentator Jim Cramer praised the post-McMahon WWE yesterday, remarking that he was "actually quite encouraged by how well the company is run" — albeit not enough to buy shares, adding, "I would not want to come in at this level." WWE shares opened for trading this morning at $72.22; the stock's 52-week range spans a low of $46.91 to a high of $81.63.