Chris Jericho Disputes Reports About How Much Money He Earned In NJPW

It has recently been reported that Sasha Banks (real name Mercedes Varnado) is set to appear at Wrestle Kingdom 17 for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the company is viewing her so highly that she is apparently set to earn more than Chris Jericho was during his matches for the company. He was the last major name that made the immediate move from WWE to the Japanese promotion, and according to Dave Meltzer during "Wrestling Observer Radio," those appearances saw him earn $100,000 for each shot. 

Therefore the fact that Varnado is allegedly set to earn even more than that showcases how highly she is being thought of. Even though nothing has been officially announced regarding Varnado working for NJPW, Jericho did take to Twitter to dispute the claims about how much money he made when working for the company. Meltzer has stayed consistent with how much he claims Jericho earned, as he had reported that "The Painmaker" earned that much back in 2019. Despite that, Jericho tweeted, "For the record, the money I reportedly made during my run with @njpw1972 from 2018-2020 online currently is completely wrong. I never had a flat per appearance deal, I was paid according to the event. And I made more per event than I did for MOST of my Wrestlemania matches."

Varnado is supposedly set to be working multiple dates with NJPW, although the former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion isn't expected to be touring for them. Instead, she is likely to be turning up at specific events as part of a program for the IWGP Women's Championship, which will be defended by the current champion, KAIRI, at Wrestle Kingdom 17.